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  • Nicolas Ting created an article,

    When will I feel the first effect?

    Unlocking the benefits of supplements takes time. We recommend sticking to your new routine for at least 3 months. Our ingredients work at the cellular level, offering long-term rewards. Remember, ...

  • Nicolas Ting created an article,

    Do I need to store the Biomind in the refrigerator?

    No, the Biomind does not require refrigeration. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for optimal shelf life.

  • Nicolas Ting created an article,

    Why use a Duocap® and what it is?

    Duocap® is a unique capsule-in-capsule delivery system. It fortifies the Biomind’s formulation by providing dual-layered protection, shielding live cultures from stomach acid degradation. This ensu...

  • Nicolas Ting created an article,

    Are there any side effects associated with the Biomind?

    While side effects are rare, some users may experience mild gastrointestinal discomfort at the beginning until the microbiome adapts. Discontinue use if you experience any persistent adverse reacti...

  • Nicolas Ting created an article,

    Which probiotic strains can be found in Biomind?

    Here are the 10 probiotic strains (at least 30Bn CFUs), thereof 2 AVEALIFE proprietary probiotic strains and their benefits.    Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG NORDBIOTIC™: (#1 most clinically studied s...

  • Nicolas Ting created an article,

    Can I take the Biomind if I have IBS or other gastrointestinal conditions?

    Individuals with gastrointestinal conditions should consult a healthcare professional before taking the Biomind.   Regarding SIBO (= Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth):  Although there is good ...

  • Nicolas Ting created an article,

    Should I use the Biomind continuously?

    Yes, the Biomind is designed for continuous use to support long-term gut health support, cognition and mental wellbeing. 

  • Nicolas Ting created an article,

    Why is the Collagen Activator tasting sweet and why are you using stevia?

    We are using a very low amount (18 mg in total) of natural derived Stevia extract which is much lower than the recommended ADI value of 4 milligramms per Kg bodyweight. Did you know that the major ...

  • Nicolas Ting created an article,

    Why did you choose the DHA/EPA ratio of 2:1?

      We are pleased to offer you a summary nutritional science perspective on the topic of the DHA/EPA ratio. We have opted for a supplement with a focus on neuroprotective, immunomodulation an metabo...

  • Nicolas Ting created an article,

    What can I expect if a person takes it long-term, i.e. for 3-5 years?

    As mentioned previously, Cell Primer is designed for long-term use, and its benefits are particularly evident when taken consistently over an extended period, such as 3-5 years. Here's a focused lo...